Privacy Policy

We at TechProcess acknowledge and accept that the personal details that the customer imparts to us are to be kept in strict confidentiality and the information is to be used only in a manner that would be beneficial to our customers. We consider our relationship with our customers invaluable and strive to respect and safeguard the customer's right to privacy.

It is the policy of TechProcess never to sell customer's name, address, or any other information to third parties for marketing or other purposes without the customer's consent.

TechProcess will only disclose information to third parties about customer's account or the transfers or payments the customer makes:

  • when it is necessary for opening or maintaining customer's accounts,
  • if lawfully required or,
  • if the customer requests or authorizes it.

TechProcess will never ask for any information about its customers that is not needed for the customers to enjoy the benefits of TechProcess services. During the sign-up process TechProcess asks for contact information such as name, address, phone number, email address and other such information, all of which is collected for the purpose of our service.

If any customer chooses to cancel membership, TechProcess will deactivate all data contained in the customer's account from the system.

Customer's personal information can be updated at any time through our Personal Information page, which is available after the customer securely logs in to TechProcess. Clicking on the Preferences option does this. This brings up a page where the customer can update personal information and submit the changes.

Targeted advertisements may appear on web-site pages as the customer navigates through TechProcess, but the advertisers themselves will not be given any individual information about the customers

Linked Sites - TechProcess has not reviewed all of the sites linked to TechProcess. Linkages to or from another site do not indicate any approval or endorsement of any material contained in a linked site, and TechProcess is not responsible for the contents and privacy policy of such linked websites.

Changes in the Privacy Statement - TechProcess may make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time, but it will notify the customers of any substantive or material change (by way of email) and provide them with the opportunity to opt-out.