LinkPay Payment Solution

Now go Contactless with Ingenico ePayments

Are you finding it difficult to collect payments for customers connecting with you over the internet or phone and are not physically walking into your stores? They want to pay online, and you don’t have a website.

Look no further, we have a payment solution, that provides you with the flexibility to collect payments from your customers wherever they are.

Ingenico’s link-based payment solution, ‘LinkPay’ is designed to help you go Contactless with your payment collection keeping in mind the convenience and safety of both your customers and employees. It will improve conversions and retention of your customers. Share payment link via email, SMS and get paid immediately.

With ‘LinkPay’ accepting payments from customers is now just a link away.

LinkPay Payment Solution
Why Us?

With our seamless 5-star payment experience, go Contactless with ease.

  • Instant activation with the simple KYC process
  • PCI compliance and enhanced security
  • High speed of authorization
  • Single Click Payment in Local Currency
  • UX friendly page design
Contactless with Ingenico ePayments
The Ingenico Advantages

We understand your needs and offer solution to make your online payment experience frictionless. You can explore 3 options to use LinkPay service depending on your business requirements.

Ingenico Advantages
  • Single Form

    1. To collect payment for single service instantly, you can use LinkPay’s Single Form to send payment link to your customer via SMS or Email. You can add up to 6 invoices against a single request.

  • Easy Upload

    2. If you have a business requirement to trigger payment links in bulk, you can do so by using LinkPay’s Easy Upload. With Easy Upload, you can send payment links to up to 50,000 customers in one request.

  • Quick Form

    3. Depending on your business requirement, you can also send payment links to select customers with LinkPay’s Quick Form. Quick Form allows you to enter data of the customers and send multiple requests to the same or different user. Kindly note that you can add up to 50 requests at a time.

The smarter way to collect payments

Our simple, versatile, and powerful payment links can be integrated into your ecosystem giving your customers the best online payment experience.

Success Stories

How a leading Global Automaker built stronger bonds with Indian customers by providing the convenience of digital payments…

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